Clips of published writings across styles, genres, and audiences.

Experimental / Poetry / SATIRE

"[Thoreauvian] Wawa," Rabbit Catastrophe Review, Issue #11 (2016)
"Alight: Garden Railway," Poetry Installation #7, Creative Expressions at the Morris Arboretum, Philadelphia, PA (2016) 
"How to Be an Asshole—and Become Adored by Women" [Satire / Experimental Translation], Doublespeak, Issue VI (2016)
"Rules For Making Oneself An Unwanted Party Guest," [Satire / Experimental Translation], Doublespeak, Issue VI (2016)
"Commandments For Making Thyself an Ungodly Citizen," [Satire / Experimental Translation],  Doublespeak, Issue VI (2016) 
"Constraints & Collaborations," Experimental Writing Portfolio (2015)

First Person Narratives / Memoir / interview

Gina DeCagna on Identity Shifts, Freedom of Expression, & The Importance of Art in Today's Society,” Millennial Moments Podcast (Apr 22, 2019)
"Looking Back, Looking Forward," Symbiosis, Issue IV (2016)
"Perpetual Remnants of the Deceased," The Apeiron Review, Issue VII (2014) 

cultural Commentary / Criticism

Erasure as Aesthetic Principle at Pierogi,” Two Coats of Paint (Jan 15, 2019)
Janine Antoni and Stephen Petronio Elicit the Contemporary Collaborative Ethos,” The Artblog (Apr 21, 2016)
"Sounding ‘Kindergarde’," Jacket2 (July 18, 2014)
"It’s Complicated: Kara Walker and Curating," 34th Street (Jun 26, 2014)
"Contrapposto: Taking a Stance on Polychromatism," 34th Street (Jan 31, 2014)
"Architectural (Re)Assessment: McDonald’s Terrace," 34th Street (Dec 5, 2013)
"Hole-In-One: ‘The Art of Gold’ at the PMA," 34th Street (March 28, 2013)
"Word on the Street: iPhone-solation," 34th Street (Sept 12, 2013) 


“Populist and Participatory Poetry in the Political State",” 2017 Symposium: Apolitical, My Ars!: Dissent, Resistance, and Revolution in the Avant-Garde Arts, Philadelphia Avant-Garde Studies Consortium, Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books, and Manuscripts, University of Pennsylvania (Dec 2017)
"The Beauty in the Book, " 60-Second Lecture Series, University of Pennsylvania (May 2016)
"Doc Humes and The Paris Review Archive: A Literary Summer at the Morgan Library & Museum," University of Pennsylvania Provost (Oct 20, 2015)

Artist profiles / culture Conversations

"Q&A: Anthony Campuzano," Institute of Contemporary Art Philadelphia Blog (Sept 28, 2015) 
"An Artist and Writer in Conversation: Abdi Farah & Buzz Bissinger, " Symbiosis Blog (Apr 5, 2015)
"Karen Beckman: Why the Humanities and Arts Matter," University of Pennsylvania Provost Blog (Aug 31, 2014)
"Artists Inspiring Artists: Abdi Farah at the Arthur Ross Gallery," University of Pennsylvania Provost Blog (Jun 4, 2014)
"The Spirit of Experimentation" [interviews with Richard Yelle, Douglas Heller,  Joe Upham, Bill Gudenrath, Toots Zynsky, Tina Yelle, Alessandro Diaz De Santillana, Deborah Czeresko, James Harmon, Robert Dugrenier, Geoff Isles, Jane Bruce, Terry Davidson, Seth Randal, Jaime Harris, Erica Rosenfeld, Brian Kibler, Dawn Bennett, and Cybele Maylone], GLASS Quarterly (Fall 2013 Print Issue)
"Artist Profile: Seth Simons," 34th Street (Nov 21, 2013)
"Penn Grads in Arts and Books," 34th Street (Nov 14, 2013)
"Artist Profile: Ariella Freund," 34th Street (Oct 24, 2013)
"Artist Profile: Ellen Amaral," 34th Street (Oct 3, 2013)
"Artist Profile: Anastasiya Shekhtman," 34th Street (Sep 19, 2013)
"Artist Profile: Janelle McDermoth," 34th Street (Sep 5, 2013)
"Artist Profile: Sara Outing," 34th Street (Apr 18, 2013)
"Experiential Art: Sound Artist Michael Kiley," 34th Street (Apr 4, 2013)
"Artist Profile: Mabel Luu," 34th Street (Apr 4, 2013)
"Artist Profile: Sarah Lindstedt," 34th Street (Mar 21, 2013)
"Artist Profile: Legarlin Li," 34th Street (Feb 21, 2013)
"Artist Profile: Joey Wallerstein," 34th Street (Feb 7, 2013)
"House of Our Own: An Inside Look," 34th Street (Jan 31, 2013)
"Artist Profile: Christian Hopkins," 34th Street (Jan 24, 2013)

arts journalism

"Old Masters Redux, New Photography, Synthetic Biology," PennDesign (Feb 16, 2016)
"Mushroom Mania in Kennett Square, PA," Penn Appetit (Sept 21, 2015)
PRINT ARTICLES in GLASS Quarterly Magazine, Fall 2013 Issue, Number 132
"Paul Housberg references water in glass installation," GLASS Quarterly (Aug 8, 2013)
"Opening: Erich Woll displays new conceptual work," GLASS Quarterly (Aug 1, 2013)
"Rare Frank Lloyd Wright glass window to be auctioned," GLASS Quarterly (Jul 31, 2013) 
"Canadian college to host one-day gathering," GLASS Quarterly (Jul 23, 2013)
"In Memoriam: Alice Chappell (1942 – 2013)," GLASS Quarterly (Jul 18, 2013)
"April Surgent comments on the present using engraving," GLASS Quarterly (Jul 10, 2013)
"William Morris works fetch record prices at recent auction," GLASS Quarterly (Jul 2, 2013)
"2014 Stephen Procter Fellowship seeks international artists," GLASS Quarterly (Jun 25, 2013)
"Glass Curiosities: A beer bottle is engraved with a music track," GLASS Quarterly (Jun 21, 2013)
"Kelly Conway to join Corning curatorial team," GLASS Quarterly (Jun 20, 2013)
"Redesigned Chrysler Museum of Art," GLASS Quarterly (Jun 19, 2013)
"Czech Glass award seeks international applicants," GLASS Quarterly (Jun 13, 2013)
"Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Washington, receives $1 million," GLASS Quarterly (June 12, 2013)
"New Orleans creative glass center expands “Brass and Glass," GLASS Quarterly (Jun 7, 2013)
"Rik Allen’s futuristic “Seeker” museum exhibition," GLASS Quarterly (Jun 6, 2013)
"Opening: new exhibition series with Erwin Eisch," GLASS Quarterly (May 30, 2013)
"Summer Gallery Hop," 34th Street (May 28, 2013)
"Wanna Go Flower Pickin’?," 34th Street (Mar 21, 2013)
"Thank God It’s (First) Friday," 34th Street (Nov 1, 2012)
"Philly Photo Day: October 26," 34th Street (Oct 25, 2012)
"Behind the Artist’s Studio," 34th Street (Oct 4, 2012)

Magazine editorial

"Words of Women We Admire," MORE (Oct 2014)
"LOLadelphia: A Portrait of Unrefined Philadelphia," Filament (Apr 2014)
"The Spirit of Experimentation," GLASS Quarterly (Fall 2013)
"DIY: McFriendship Bracelets," 34th Street (Dec 5, 2013)
"Penn Grads in Arts and Books," 34th Street (Nov 14, 2013)
"DIY: Microwaveable Leaf Mandalas," 34th Street (Oct 31, 2013)
"DIY: Seashell Picture Frames," 34th Street (Sep 5, 2013)
"DIY: Tissue Felt Pack Case," 34th Street (Apr 18, 2013)
"DIY: Paint Yo’ Face," 34th Street (Apr 11, 2013)
"DIY: Chinese Lanterns," 34th Street (Feb 7, 2013)
"The Artful Romantic: 5 Creative Geniuses’ Poetic Words on Love," 34th Street (Feb 14, 2013)
"Your Spring Guide To Arts Supplies," 34th Street (Jan 17, 2013)
"DIY: T-Shirt Scarf," 34th Street (Jan 17, 2013)