Choosing from the kaleidoscopic array of visual stimuli, these works explore the interlay among inner and outer worlds through their varied representations of object or personhood. Some record or refract the outer world , some manifest the energies of the inner world, and some seek to directly galvanize reactions from others via public intervention (see Who Be We).


Representation & Invention

Left: Writhing Gourds, Graphite on Paper, 14.5" x 18," 2012.  
Right: in ramos bracchia crescunt [arms became branches], Etching, aquatint, and drypoint, 8" x 11.5," 2015.


Buried, Graphite on vellum, 6' x 6', 2016.


Subliminal studies

Playfully reacting against traditional, objective measures of figurative drawing, the Subliminal series reconsiders the human form as an enveloped mass of energy, and consequently, as a presence to be felt. The drawings were constructed with the artist's nondominant hand, both hands simultaneously, or while blindfolded. 

Subliminal Studies #1 and #2, 15" x 22" each, Charcoal on paper, 2014.

who be we

Who Be We (2015) was a language-driven installation, intervention, and urban exploration of the socioeconomic politics and poetics of place and ownership. Executed in a historically African American neighborhood in West Philadelphia along Lancaster Avenue as a collaboration between Charles Hall, Gina DeCagna, and Stephanie Elden in 2015, Who Be We mocked the neighborhood's ubiquitous yet unwarranted neon-yellow "We Buy Houses" advertisement signs on telephone poles targeting low-income owners. Appropriating Gwendolyn Brooks' poem "We Real Cool," new signs were placed with a phone number for residents to call and vocalize their  feelings of discomfort regarding displacement, infestation, and unaccountability. 

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