NEW YORK, 19 June–14 July 2018: Viridian Artists (Chelsea): 'International Juried Exhibition'

I’m pleased to have been included in this open-call exhibition curated by the New Museum’s Johanna Burton, who selected artworks that tenderly pushed the tension between representation and abstraction and two- and three-dimensions. Now in the heart of New York’s gallery district, I’ve recomposed an architectural cardboard installation that I first built from the streets of Philadelphia. More details below. –G.D.

Juried by Johanna Burton, Director and Curator of Education and Public Engagement, New Museum, New York
19 June–14 July, 2018
Opening Reception: Thursday, June 21, 6‐8 pm
Panel Discussion: Thursday, July 12, 7pm
Johanna Burton in dialogue with artists Betsy Meyer, Chellis Baird, Gina DeCagna, Uday Dhar, and Zach Zecha

Beverly Smith | Song Park | Samantha Lamprecht | Shayee Awoyomi | Chellis Baird | David Bartlett | M. Mark Bauer | Sara Catapano | Andrew Chalfen | Christopher Daniggelis | Gina DeCagna | Uday Dhar | Steph Gorin | Maki Hajikano | Jingmei Han | Joan Harmon | You Jin Jeong | Hyun Jung Ji | Betsy Meyer | Heidi Nam | Perez Reiter | Maria Santiago | Bushra Shamma | Nadia Yaron | Zach Zecha

Gina DeCagna