LONDON, 15–17 March 2019: Enclave Projects (Deptford): 'It Got Brighter, Then Dimmer Next to the Wound'

I’m pleased to be included in this exhibition exploring local ecologies to Deptford, London, where my studio is currently located. For this exhibition, I’ve created an installation of assembled cardboard, gathered from the streets of Deptford Market (on Deptford High Street), for the space above the storage closet of EnclaveLab, one of the experimental project spaces of Enclave Projects.

Special thanks to curator Tina Petersone for working closely with me on this exhibition, as well as the support of Goldsmiths MFA Curating and Enclave! More details below. —G.D.

Exhibition installation shot, EnclavcLab, Enclave Projects, Deptford, London.

Exhibition installation shot, EnclavcLab, Enclave Projects, Deptford, London.

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Join us 15 to 17 March 2019 for a weekend of ecologically oriented artistic interventions on the relationship between humans and non-humans in the urban environment of Deptford, London. The programme includes performance, sound art, artist-led walks around Deptford, workshops, and screenings. Specific to the geographical composition of Deptford, this curatorial project acts as a case study on the ways human communities shape the ecosystems surrounding them. We hope to bring awareness to the importance of ‘safe spaces’ for non-humans in the environment of the city, and the strategies employed by life to reproduce within concrete architectures.

'It Got Brighter, Then Dimmer Next to the Wound' refers to a 2018 breakthrough scientific report on plants’ consciousness. Researchers found that when a plant is attacked and sustains trauma (e.g. a caterpillar bite), a wave of calcium spreads through the plant’s ‘nervous system’ at high speed, communicating the sense of danger and activating its defences. This suggests that plants are far from inert when experiencing trauma and danger. The ‘activity’ of plants is a central theme to the weekend’s investigation, exploring their capacity for agency and responsiveness to change in the urban environment.

Curated by Colette Patterson, Tina Petersone, and Nikos Akritidis, part of the exhibitions and events programme WIP it good, curated by Goldsmiths MFA Curating Students.



6pm Opening, featuring installations:

Gina DeCagna // For Enclave’s space, Gina has created ‘Poststructuralist Marketplace’, an installation in cardboard sourced directly from Deptford High Street, through which she showcases the capaciousness of waste that is tied to contemporary consumerist culture. Through a performative, organic build-up of the amassed material, she seeks to evoke ontological questions around social inequalities, empowerment, and free will within the ecosystems of our societal circumstances.

Jasmine Abu Hamdan // Jasmine’s work ‘Uninvited’ is a catalogue of the found objects in Deptford Creek and how they have become active contributors to the existing ecosystem and, in a sense, have constructed a new ecosystem of their own. Her research started with an investigation of the ‘Deptford Trolley Crisis,’ when 400 trolleys were found and taken out of Deptford Creek. Studies show that within a week, the population of fish halved in size because the trolleys. An example of marine pollution, the trolleys have moulded into the natural world serving as coral reefs to shelter smaller fish.

Oliver K // A sound artist living in Berlin and London, Oliver K will present ‘Dots,’ which invites everyone to add sonic notes to the changes of the city and its acoustic environment. The material provided are strips of magnetic tape from old cassettes, bought at Deptford Market and exposed to weather conditions around sites of substantial development. Using a tape head, the soundscapes of these surroundings can be carefully complemented by little sprinklings of noise which were originally recorded in Deptford’s sitting rooms many years ago.

7pm // Ashley Louise Mcnaughton

8pm // Sean Roy Parker // Starting at Enclave Labs
Sean’s ’Scabious Bit’ explores native flora and the aesthetics of etymology on a phone-lit blitz around the seediest nooks and crannies in Deptford, looking at common wildflowers and discussing the beauty and origin of their names.

9pm// James Wignall // James will perform an improvised set with contact mic and guitar pedals, exploring bodily and environmental sounds.


1–3pm // Margaret Jennings // Tree Walk

4–5:30pm// Interspecies Reading and Writing Group


5–7:30am // Dawn Chorus Walk and Breakfast // Starting at Enclave and led by the curators Colette, Tina, and Nikos, we will explore the surrounding areas and listen, taking notice of the birds that inhabit the area. Using field recording equipment we will document these sounds. Following the early morning start, we will provide breakfast, listen, and discuss our findings!

3–4pm // Experimental Moving Image Screenings // A selection of works from the archive @ Baltic Analog Lab, these works investigate the relationships between humans and non-humans.

Karel Doing // ‘The Mulch Spiders Dream 2018 and Wilderness Series 2016’

Gabriela Sibilska // ‘Queen of the Forest 2018’

Jack Wormell // ‘Rushes of a Park 2016 and City 2015’

5-7pm // Deep Listening // Pauline Oliveros describes deep listening as ‘a way of listening in every possible way to everything possible, to hear no matter what you are doing.’ It explores the difference between the involuntary nature of hearing and the voluntary, selective nature of listening. It cultivates a heightened awareness of the sonic environment, both external and internal.

There will also be a reading space throughout the weekend featuring Gayplants Zine and lots of other texts.

Gina DeCagna